Open Rabbit Breed Standings

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Open Rabbit Breed Standings

The 2020 show season has just begun. Check back here for the latest updates at the beginning of April.

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Who Wins Awards in This Category

The highest point total in all remaining breeds (Top 10 Breeds already receive an award) will receive an award provided that they have shown at a minimum of 15 shows and there are 3 members showing in that breed.

Historical Standings
Michigan All Breed Rabbit Standings
How Are Standings Calculated

Open Rabbit Breed Standings are calculated as follows. Sweepstakes points are governed by the official A.R.B.A., Inc., point system.

First place, six (6) points;
second place, four (4) points;
third place, three (3) points;
fourth place, two (2) points;
fifth place, one (1) point.
All points multiplied by number in class (actually judged).

Points are then added for all shows for that breed for each exhibitor. Those totals are then sorted by breed giving the top points in each breed.