Michigan Youth Rabbit Sweepstakes Standings

Youth Rabbit Sweepstakes Standings

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Sweepstakes standings are calculated by using the following set of rules found in the club bylaws. Please refer to the bylaws for a complete copy of the rules. Below is a summary of the rules published in the bylaws. Michigan Youth Rabbit Sweepstakes Standings calculations are as follows:

Sweepstakes points will be governed by official A.R.B.A., Inc., point system.
      • First award, six (6) points;
      • second award, four (4) points;
      • third award, three (3) points;
      • fourth award, two (2) points;
      • fifth award, one (1) point.

All points multiplied by number in class (actually judged).
Quality points to be in addition to our already established sweepstakes points.

1. Points to be set up as:
      • Best in Show =10 points,
      • Best 4 or 6 Class or Reserve in Show = 8 points;
      • Best of Breed = 4 points;
      • Best Opposite of Breed = 2 points.

When the four (4) group system is used for selecting Best in Show, each group winner will be awarded 8 (eight) quality points.

2. Animals will only receive points for the highest award won in any (1) show.

Points cannot be compiled on an animal.
There must be three (3) breeders and five (5) rabbits/cavies in the breed for to receive Best of Breed quality points.
There must also be three (3) breeders and five (5) rabbits/cavies in Best Opposite of Breed to receive quality points for Best Opposite of Breed.