Youth Sweepstakes Rules

Below is a portion of the sweepstakes rules. Please be sure to visit the youth page at the MSRBA website for complete rules.

Sec 7

A. Sweepstakes points will be governed by official A.R.B.A., Inc., point system.

First award, six (6) points;
second award, four (4) points;
third award, three (3) points;
fourth award, two (2) points;
fifth award, one (1) point.

All points multiplied by number in class (actually judged).

B. Quality points to be in addition to our already established sweepstakes points.
1. Points to be set up as:
Best in Show – 10 points,
Best 4 or 6 Class – 8 points;
Best of Breed – 4 points;
Best Opposite of Breed – 2 points.

When the four (4) group system is used for selecting Best in Show, each group winner will be awarded 8 (eight) quality points.

2. Animals will only receive points for the highest award won in any (1) show. Points cannot be compiled on an animal. There must be three (3) breeders and five (5) rabbits in the breed for Best of Breed. There must also be three (3) breeders and five (5) rabbits in Best Opposite of Breed to receive quality points for Best Opposite of Breed.

Sec 8 – Pre-juniors are not to be counted for sweepstakes points. Sweepstakes points will not be awarded when breeds, varieties, or classes are combined, animals must be exhibited in conformance with ARBA show rule Section 6A. Quality points will be allowed for Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex, if the requirements are met for the awarding of grand championship legs.

SECTION 9- In case of a tie, the exhibitor showing at the most shows will win. In case there still is a tie, the exhibitor winning the most points on any one breed will win.

Sec 10 – Sweepstakes show year will be on an annual basis starting on January 1 and ending on December 31.

Sec 11-The following trophies will be awarded at the Annual Convention, to the Sweepstake Winners for the previous year for the following:

A. Total Points – An award for the top five (5) largest number of total points, all breeds combined.
B. Top Breed Points – An award for the highest point winner in each of the top ten (10) breeds.
C. An award for the highest point winner in each of the remaining breeds exhibited provided the point winner has exhibited at a minimum of ten (10) shows sanctioned by The Michigan State Rabbit Breeders Youth Association.
D. Meat Pens – An award for the largest number of points on meat pens.
E. Fur/Wool Class – Award for the top five (5) largest number of points, any one breed fur/wool.
F. Quality Points – Awards to be given to the top three (3) largest number of points.
G. Cavy Sweepstakes Awards:
Total Points – Award for the top three (3) points earners all breeds competing. Award for 4th, 5th, 6th place points earners all breeds competing.
H. Top Breed Points – Award for the highest point winner in each of the top three (3) breeds. Award for all remaining breeds provided the winner has exhibited in 10 or more shows sanctioned by The MSRBYA.
I. Out of State Award: One award for out of State Members acquiring most sweepstakes points, all breeds combined in both the Rabbit and Cavy categories.
J. Cavy Quality Points: One award for the top point winner in cavy quality points.